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    Albumen/Royal Garden
    Albumen/Royal Garden
    Albumen/Royal Garden
    Albumen/Royal Garden

    1. Stones in the Professor's Passage, Communicating Vessels, 2013 Some of the psycho-atmospheric objects that are used as seeds for the Albumen/Royal Garden.

    2. Albumen Garden with Psycho-Atmospheric Objects as Seeds: Stage 1, Communicating Vessels, 2013 View from an upstairs window of the psycho-atmospheric seeds and the garden stating to form and grow.

    3. Albumen Garden: Stage 2 (Translucent), Communicating Vessels, 2013 Drawing showing the Albumen Garden completed but, as yet, not solidified into the Royal Garden.

    4. Royal Garden (Final Stage After Solidification), Communicating Vessels, 2013 In its final form, the garden assumes Baroque and alchemic form. It references Max Ernst's Of this Men Shall know Nothing (1923) and Mattamatics (1948), as well a Man Ray's Mathematical Objects (1934).