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    Analysis of Beauty
    Analysis of Beauty
    Analysis of Beauty
    Analysis of Beauty

    1. Analysis of Beauty, 2009 As the protocol research evolved, the status of this images changed with it. The initial drawing shown here was developed to illustrate the protocell's reliance on aqueous environments; the speculation at this time was about how it might be possible to grow a miniature stage-set made by protocol accretion.

    2. Analysis of Beauty (Composite), 2009 This project researches, in drawn form, the aesthetic, surreal potentials and wet fabrication techniques that might evolve out of the development of protocol synthetic biological technologies.

    3. Analysis of Beauty (Part 1), 2010 This drawing reminds us of the changing-aesthetic architectural paradigms of the 21st century: more micro-science, wetness and bottom-up organisation.

    4. Analysis of Beauty (Part 2), 2011 These synthetic biological technologies of metamorphosis have much in common with a thread of literature and poetry that recedes in history to Ovid (43 BC-AD 17/18) via Bernini's great sculpture Apollo and Daphne (1622-5). The title for this diptych is derived from Hogarth's book The Analysis of Beauty (1753), which seeks to define the ideal curve. The work implies that aesthetic codes and architectural beauty are changing.