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    Baroness's Filaments
    Baroness's Filaments
    Baroness's Filaments

    1. Baroness's Filaments, 2008 This drawing seeks to show both the virtual and actual simultaneously. The 'filaments' emanate electronically from the Baroness, who is suspended from a bower. The Baroness is inspired by Duchamp's Bride in the Large Glass, who projects virtual filaments to keep a missing piece of the glass - the 'juggler' or 'Handler of Gravity' - in precarious and readjusting equilibrium. This is also true for the Baroness and her filaments, which keep the sculptures that oscillate in and out of the island's vistas in precarious balance.

    2. The Baroness's Bower, 2008 The Baroness hanging in her bower. The Baroness is named after Baroness Elsa Freytag von Loringhoven, a Dada poet and maker of objects. It also references Jacob Epstein's Rock Drill (1913-15), as well as architectural works by Peter Wilson, Michael Webb and Ben Nicholson, and the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (1499). The Baroness is the 'centre' of the island; all other objects and movements on the island refer to her, whiter to make 'grease' for her, controlled by her, or seeking to make their way to her.

    3. The Baronesses Filaments caressing the Bulb of the Wheelbarrow under the disapproving composite eye of a wasp, 2008 The clue is in the title.