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    Bread Burdened Dalinian Leg
    Bread Burdened Dalinian Leg
    Bread Burdened Dalinian Leg
    Bread Burdened Dalinian Leg
    Bread Burdened Dalinian Leg
    Bread Burdened Dalinian Leg

    The current generation of sensors is woefully inadequate at being able to sense and communicate the intricacies of the spatial tapestry that surrounds us and penetrates even into our own bodies. In an attempt to create a conceptual model for new hypersensitive sensors I introduce to you the 'slamhound'.

    As with the expression 'cyberspace', William Gibson invented 'slamhound' - as a bit player at the start of Count Zero, his follow-up novel to Neuromancer. This Gibsonian slamhound is highly mobile, aggressive, suicidal and wholly a bad thing. My slamhounds are schizoid, neurotic, highly sensitive, eroticised, often have fleshy biotechnological protuberances and are benevolent, more or less.

    The slamhound is to a pressure pad what nanotechnology is to a brick - a whole different league of sensitivity and morphic dexterity. A slamhound has a very sensitive, changeable surface; it can change what parts of itself are sensitive and graduate this sensitivity over time so that it can trace grooves cut in stone, measure expansion and contraction of materials, and measure the difference between a drawing of a building and its built manifestation. It is able to measure and circumnavigate the virtual 'fat pile' left behind by a gym's visitors over a year and compare that with last year's 'fat pile'. All these minute calibrations, and an infinite array of others, can be projected over time and transformed into space-time vectors then transmitted back to be worked on, synthesised and prioritised by algorithms that are themselves subject to shifting priorities. It is envisioned that users/viewers/designers would create and position slamhounds according to their individual or collective preoccupations.


    1. Interstitial drawing: 'Holey Hedge', elevation (apologies to Albin Brunovsky), 1998

    2. Partial landscape Imaginary drawing of slamhoundian landscape showing some slamhounds yet to come and hinting at their probable interactions.

    3. Interstitial drawing: 'Riverslapper' slamhound

    4. Interstitial drawing: 'Bread-burdened dalinian leg' slamhound

    5. Interstitial drawing: 'Space-time gate'

    6. Spacetime Bee-gate, 2001