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    2012 / Meat Hooks

    Meat Hooks
    Meat Hooks
    Meat Hooks
    Meat Hooks
    Meat Hooks

    1. Cover of the Future City I brochure, 2012 Image of Neil Spiller's 'Meat Hook', another element of the research, which speculates on the protocellular growth of such objects and their place in Picasso's and Dali's Surrealist oeuvre.

    2. Protocell Vat Machinery Seen Tending and Supporting Half-Grown 'Meat Hooks', 2012 Wet technologies such as those of synthetic biology could potentially change the paradigms of construction and procurement that have been prevalent since the Industrial Revolution. Rather than progressively banishing moisture construction sites might actively encourage it to facilitate grown structures.

    3. Finished 'Meat Hook', Rising from Still Surface of Vat, 2012 The hooks are used as an experimental microcosmic form, both aesthetic and functional, to illustrate some of the potential of protocol fabrication.

    4. Plan, Looking Down on Surface of the Vat, 2012 The drawing explores the reflections and maybe slightly reflective rainbow surface as the 'Meat Hook' is fabricated with glimpses of the protocol activity below.

    5. Leda and the Protocell Swan, 2012 The Vat and protocol fabrication paradigm is explored by introducing mythology. The drawing shows the 'Meat Hooks' then being used as part of the fabrication machinery for further pieces of the work. The Vat thus makes bits of itself - an architecture before an architecture.