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    The Temple of Repose
    The Temple of Repose

    1. The Temple of Repose, 2010 At the start of each of the island's vista is a Temple of Repose. They are inspired by the work of Jean Tinguely, and particularly his Dance of Death series (1986), by Andre Masson's Gravida (1939) (a popular Surrealist subject), and Salvador Dali's ambiguous Psycho-Atmospheric Objects (1932). The sculpture at the centre of the composition makes cast metallic objects that cool and solidify on Dali's warm haystack, and are then levitated and caught by the revolving table/tableaux and deposited in circles for future use. The geometry is determined by the author's earlier piece, Genetic Gazebo which is a reflexive, self-wiring, dendritic, electrical system based on the work of Gordon Pask in his chemical computer 'Ear' project (1958).

    2. Temple of Repose with Psycho-Atmospheric Objects Circles, Communicating Vessels, 2010 The drawing shows the juxtaposition of the Temple within which the psycho-atmospheric objects are made and cast, and the revolving tableau that catches and deposits the objects in a circle around the Temple.