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    1993 / AI (Cons)

    AI (Cons)
    AI (Cons)
    AI (Cons)

    Alan Turing, visionary genius and founding father of artificial intelligences saw no reason why an artificially intelligent machine could not be created by the year 2000. With the benefit of being further along the trajectory of Time's Arrow, it is unlikely that this critical evolutionary step will be taken during the remnants of this century. But bearing in mind that the computing power of the little plastic box in your briefcase doubles every fourteen months or so, surely it must happen in the next millennium? The Flesh Luddites will be consigned to the same fate as their early industrial namesakes. Such biochauvinism will be seen as quaint, romantic but ultimately anachronistic in a universe teeming with non or partial biological life forms.


    1-2. AI (Con) I

    3. AI (Con) II