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    Bitai Table

    The Bitai table is designed as the metaphorical contemporary 'compound' eye. Its geometries are developed from haptic lenses used by ophthalmic surgeons combined with the computer model of fluorescent protein. As well as the word oat of 'BIT' and 'AI', bitai is Japanese for 'sexual allure'. The changing eye is still a useful symbol for the effects of digital and soft technologies but this new eye like the new flesh will be hardly recognisable. This new eye is the synthesised amalgam of organic and mechanic, wet and dry, binary yet analogue and focused everywhere simultaneously. Its cone of vision is no longer conic; the conic sections of perception are bent out of shape and are of a higher order topology. It is simultaneously fluorescent and illuminates all it scans with hyperreal exactitude.


    Bitai Table Plan and Elevation