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    Dorian Gray Column
    Dorian Gray Column
    Dorian Gray Column
    Dorian Gray Column
    Dorian Gray Column

    Even at this early stage my work was searching for narrative. Already my creative thirst was unquenched by the dubious doctrines of Architectural Modernism and the sanctity of functions and programme. During the project's lengthy gestation period something must have happened, something significant, something that was a genesis. The building was focused thematically around seven spaces that took their inspiration from Ruskin's Seven Lamps of Architecture: Life, Sacrifice, Memory, Truth, Power, Beauty and Obedience. Ruskin's fervent prose inspired a cacophony of formal situations and tactics each of which was peculiar and strange. Ruskin's book is full polemic invective, for example, '"Fancy", short for "fantasy" now must be taken as including not only great imaginations, but fond ones, or even foolish and diseased ones - which are nevertheless as true as the healthiest, so long as we know them to be diseased. A dream is as real as fact, as a vision of reality: deceptive only if we do not recognise it as dream'. The project is a laboratory of notions and tricks many of which are explored throughout this monograph. The work is playfully heretical to both Ruskin's guilty sensibility and to a whole of architectural tradition populated by whispering Modernist priests.


    1. Interior Perspective: Studio Area

    2. Sectional Elevations

    3. The Dorian Gray Column

    4. Interior Perspective: Truth

    5. Interior Perspective: Life