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    Millennium Pavilion

    The new millennium will be characterised by the continued advancement of research and use of biotechnology. These breakthroughs will cause human culture to go through frequent reassessments of its ethical foundations. Society will 'jump-cut' itself along a trajectory that will further extrude, compact and contort the body: the body is architecture's conduit. As the body changes then so does architectural possibility. Architecture will have to respond at a variety of new scales, some microscopic, others cosmoscopic.

    We propose a pavilion to be called 'The Bod-Pod'. The theme of the Pavilion will be biotechnology. The building would illustrate various technologies such as tissue engineering (flesh growing), protein and polymer technology, gene therapy, bacterial husbanding, wet nanotechnology and neural reconfiguration surgery.

    Currently we are afraid of 'wetness', our life-blood can kill us, we lament acid rain and red tides: existence's fluids are dangerous. The pavilion will attempt to make us aware that the future and its wondrous innovations lie in 'wetness'. Further the pavilion will reveal the architectural spaces of the body. The hidden crevices, tender foldings and cauliflower invaginations are becoming sites of architectural intervention. The distinction between genetic and euphrenic (mechanical surgical methods) medicine and architecture has ceased to exist in the face of biotechnology.

    The illustrations show the building extruded along the Meridian Line, perched over a series of pools, crevices and cuts in the landscape. The landscape is flayed, penetrated, revealed, split and peeled. The building is a series of episodic events through which the visitor circulates along the Meridian Line metaphorically sliced by space and time. The enclosure is seen as golden in colour; for these technologies are those of the Alchemist.


    Millennium Pavilion: Plans, Sections and Elevations